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Nitronic Rush

28 November 2011

There’s A LOT of good stuff coming out of the Singaporean dedicated gaming school DigiPen (“Institute of Technology”).¬†Earlier this month 6 of their students won the “Excellence in technology” award from the Chinese edition of the Independent Games Festival, and a couple of days before the announcement Nitronic Rush was released….

Their creators describe it as an “experimental survival driving game”, a tribute to the racing games of the 90s with a clear Tron hypespiration… maybe Disney should have given them the rights to develop a decent game given Nitronic Rush’s amazing results.

The game was released 3 weeks ago as a free downloadable game (1GB) for PC (with support for Xbox 360 controllers), you an grab it on their website of course but you should check the specs as not any laptop will do (need min 4GB of RAM).

Who’s behind? A team of 11 people which includes Andy Kibler as game designer or Chris Barrett (Tech Director) promising to make races look cool again. More info & photos on their fb page.

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