The Red Cartel’s IMPACT book launched

3 February 2014

Officially launched at the LA Art Book Fair just passed, The Red Cartel‘s IMPACT, published by OHWOW, presents a slim cross section of the Internet as you might know it.

It’s announcement comes accompanied by a blurb entitled ‘Open a Window to the Abyss’ that points to the anonymous authors and contributors that make the online network the living, breathing organism of information and mediation that it is. Perhaps rather optimistically citing the space as one where “pirates and anarchists reign supreme and where free speech is absolute” there’s much to look forward to in a book providing an insight into what is at once “a mundane bunch of cables under the ocean” and a cluster of “fully formed societies complete with their own subcultures and their own language, views, and ideals”. Buried under layers of “absurdity, cynicism, and recontextualization”, IMPACT essentially presents a portrait of the ever-evolving world of contemporary digital folklore.

See the OHWOW website for details. **

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