I Am Your Grandma

I Am Your Grandma

26 July 2011

We wish she weren’t so scary but visual and performance artist Jillian Mayer’s latest project “I am your grandma” sets our teeth on edge. Perhaps that’s why it’s already grabbed nearly 900K views on youtube! She may not be our abuela really, but this “autobiographical video diary log (vlog) that she’s recorded for her unborn grandchildren” could resemble that magical moment when our grandparents take their dentures out, right before bed.

Envisioned as an authentic solution to fleshing out the detached model of the family tree, Mayer hearkens to bygone times when ancestors could glimpse one another through a locket or lock of hair. However, by placing the video in a public forum she conducts a phenomenological study of why people ultimately share their personal feelings with anonymous strangers, and whether this sharing effects the actual emotional significance of the piece.

It is emotional indeed! The best thing is that Jillian has partnered with ANR’s John Hancock to release this electrifying and poppy single now available for download (itunes or spotify). Really love the cheap yet crazy Matias Aguayo style, you have future in the electro scene Jillian… how about some Miss Kittin & The Hacker good old electro?

Highly recommended to see her previous works if you haven’t already.

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