Modern Toss 7

28 September 2011

And after Issue 6… comes issue 7!

The most disgustingly irreverent Brit humor from the past decade (Mick Bunnage and Jon Link) is back to a new print edition of Modern Toss. Once again partly funded by the advanced subscriptors, Mick & Jon bring the most grotesque and rudest situations they could imagine of into town, and because we’re in need of serious shit to counterbalance the excess of omnipresent happy psychedelic pop we highly recommend you go for it. It’s only £6 after all.

And as there are no public plans of bringing their Channel 4 series back Modern Toss need other revenue sources, that’s why they’ve recently started collaborating with The Guardian to “give their take on the big happening of the week”… each Saturday, good enough while we wait for issue 8… and we expect maaaaaaaaany months ahead of us before such rudeness becomes available & makes kids cry again. Cheers Jesus yeah!

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