hoxton square bar

Stevie Gee

12 April 2011

And in between concert & inspiring talk a bit of Google & a bit of tarot I suddenly got very hungry last Saturday during Dazed Live. So popped into that overpopulated bar called “Hoxton kitchen or something”. The nice surprise wasn’t the chicken & avocado salad but Stevie Gee‘s works wallpapering those big walls.

Dead Clams

So i grabbed my phone and took a couple of pics of the bottom right corner with Stevie’s tumblr address (seems like the guys @ Techcrunch are right… Tumblr is taking over the world).

And who’s that guy?

Well Stevie is one of those illustrators you know… with a dark surfer side & passionate for Karate, surreal 70s zombie films, sharks, vampires… all the good things! (and his children too).

Witty and trashy, Stevie started developing that style while producing a zine and screenprinted book at St Martins art college which he graduated from in 2004. 1950s looking men, voluptuous women, crazed clowns and wild man beasts have always featured strongly in the personal work he produces under the pseudonym Dusty Wolf.

And because we aren’t gonna bore you with all his clients (Nike, Nokia, Coke… etc etc) we thought you’d prefer to visit his blog, his profile @ Stem agency (where you can have a look at all this Hoxton bar wallpapers) oooooor help him by buying some of his prints over here. We would have loved many more Frankensteins mr Wolf.

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