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9 June 2011

Ahhhhhhhhh good old Flickr, what happened to you? Still the king but for how long? (Because let’s be honest, Picassa is so horribly horrible we don’t even consider it).

But then we discover this Toronto-based service called 500px, and we fall in love, twice the price… but twice the quality, user-friendly experience…. and twice the sexiness of a web product!

Maybe it’s because Flickr is a Yahoo product but the innovative & versatile service has certainly rusted quickly over the last few years… contacts management is a mess, groups is a mess, the home page is horriblis (maybe even worst than that of Picassa), and the way to discover new content… well…. is there such a thing?

We’re pretty sure Yahoo won’t discount Flickr on the short-term but if they keep it like this and new actors like 500px keep appearing, then it may eventually dissappear! Ooops! Another one!

The Canadian service recently grabbed half a million $$$$ from capital investors and their user base has grown from 1000 users in 2009 to over 85K (45K in the last 3 months), with people like us!

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