Hiroaki Onuma

I still pick my nose @ Wayward Gallery, May 7 – 9

4 May 2015

London’s Wayward Gallery is bringing in the I still pick my nose group exhibition, opening this Thursday May 7 and running throughout the weekend.

The East London gallery welcomes seven new artists participating in the group show, and tells us to “[e]xpect walls plastered with drawings and paintings, free stickers, a shot girl”. Someone named Gabrielle (participating artist, Gabrielle de la Puente, most likely) is “trying to acquire (steal) a wheelie bin” and someone named Phil (artist Philip Williams, perhaps) is “doing something with coffee bags…”.

Participating in I still pick my nose alongside Williams and de la Puente are artists Anne-Dauphine BorioneMolly Gough, Alexandra Gribaudi, Hiroaki Onuma and Sam Shaw.

See the exhibition page for details. **

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