30 July 2011

Think i saw Atkinson’s doodles or those of his Cafe Royal Books at this year’s London zine symposium (a while ago now). There were soooo many good publications to buy that day … so short on cash at the same time… I went for an Eric Rivera one in the end, but Craig’s doodles & style have been following me.. and seem to be omnipresent on most publications nowadays.


He needs no publicity for his artworks (Dazed, NYTimes, WAD…), constantly summoned by major publications and “arty” branding (Orange, J&B…) but we thought his latest “Heads” series need some more buzz…

heads in cards

Red heads, blue heads, brainy headed heads, smashed heads, ugly, flirting, masked, scary…

A project that was born after his successful “commission me” ¬†idea (you could ask Craig to draw anything for a fee). So many people asked him for heads that he’s now decided to start his own cranium project. You can ask him how many heads you want and he’ll prepare them for you… ” ready to be mounted or hung, and send them to you wrapped in an airtight bag, carefully inserted into hard packaging. ¬£5/head, plus shipping.”

heads on badges

And because he’s fully committed to make some money out of his heads he’ll try to put them wherever… for now cards & badges but soon enough mugs and pens…. which you can get from his website directly.

But Mr Atkinson is much more than just heads so give his flickr page a go will you?

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