Hannah Le Feuvre

Clubdead.net launch, Apr 15

15 April 2016

The Clubdead.net exhibition, curated by Faron Ray and Alice Khalilova is launching online on April 15.

The theme of the show comes in a short text describing the commercial clutter of everyday life, but optimised. It reads like a desktop of Photoshopped image searches materialised in branded fantasy objects, like gold WKD alcopops and “fluorescent yellow V20 filled with the iridescent bodies of a dozen blue bottle flies”. Or perhaps its a metaphor for the promise of a future perpetually unrealised: “Holed up in an abandoned night club, fifteen survivors listen to salvaged EDM club mixes through a failing sound system.”

The artists set to feature include the above-mentioned organisers, as well as Iain Ball, Yorkson, Dorota Gaweda and Egle Kulbokaite, Hannah Le Feuvre, and Natasha Lall among others, some of whom took part in independent, artist-run publication Low Impact: ‘Shallow Waters’ last year.

The online presentation is managed by Robin Buckley in charge of sound, and Calum Gunn doing web development, while other the artists involved are Finnian McKenna, Cedric Ng, Valinia Svoronou, Owen ThackerayBora Akinciturk, and Petr Davydtchenko.

See the FB event page for details.**

Iain Ball, 'Denial (praseodymium)' (2015). Courtesy Low impact.
Iain Ball, ‘Denial (praseodymium)’ (2015). Courtesy Low Impact.


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Athens Dry Deal @ Cantina Social, Aug 23

21 August 2015

Athens Dry Deal, a one-night multi-work screening will take place at Athens’s Cantina Social this Sunday, August 23.

Organised by Death Dealer, a collaborative project between Valinia Svoronou and Olga Papadimitriou, the screening will take over the peculiar yard/bar found in the centre of the Greek city, showing works by 29 different artists.

Some of the participating artists include Iain Ball, Sarah BoultonMargarita Athanasiou, Cristine Brache, Crim3s, Cassandre Greenberg, Georges Jacotey, Lito Kattou, Hannah Le Feuvre, Kimmo Modig, and Ulijona Odišarija.

See the FB event page for details. **

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