Angus & Soest

12 November 2011

You know how much we love our Lord, so much that we’re already giving you ideas (like Oliver’s bunker) for next year’s big date. Because we all know how this ends right? And in order to prepare yourselves for the arrival of the lord next December 2012 we propose you come and visit Angus & Soest‘s solo exhibition @ London’s Catch bar next December 1st.

‘On my watch’ 2011 - Angus & Soest
‘On my watch’ 2011 - Angus & Soest

The “Not So Popular” art collective have teamed up with trendy East-London Catch bar to bring the always sexually (explicit) art of Ellen Angus & one of their newest “protégés”: Soest (whose sounds you may have heard before but we had now idea he had this brush tandem with the Scottish).

Limbo Of The Patriarchs 2011 - Angus & Soest
Limbo Of The Patriarchs 2011 - Angus & Soest

Large apocalyptic oil paintings…. now is there anything more attractive than that? Maybe naked portraits (and we know a certain gallery that wouldn’t accept them) … but that’s about it. Although… if we tell you that on top of admiring what the last few days of 2012 will look like you get good music and free drinks… then you may reconsider those naked portraits for some grotesque human figures right? More info on their fb page (below below).

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Hackney Film Festival

15 September 2011

The good thing about London is that there’s always something exciting going on. If it’s not a cinema competition on racing boats across the city canals is hidden super secret evenings with Eastern Europe’s best trapeze artists or high-quality electro squats. The bad thing is that most of these are 1 time only and hardly repeat themselves throughout the months or years.

And here comes the second edition of a great initiative:the Hackney Film Festival! Conceived as a platform for local filmmakers and audio-visual artists to have their work showcased to the community and a wider London audience.

As pretty much done in Hackney their FF wants to stay intimate & cozy not “pretending to  over popularize itself with the glitz and glamour of awards ceremonies and VIP parties”, focusing on the works & talent coming from the borough.

The venues and diverse range of select events make of the HFF one of the best ways to start the course showcasing the best psychedelic local animated shorts to the most futuristic live Sonic Cinema performances. A lot going on during those 4 days and with an also large choice of prices & venues that go from the simply free, the affordable 3 or 5£ to the 10£ for the Live cinema evening.

“We aim to give the community a festival of cinema and live audio-visual entertainment for a fair price. Making the festival as financially and culturally accessible as possible is at the heart of the festival. We see the festival as a tool for education and inspiration and should be available to all”.

(Julia Pott’s new short will be shown @ RIO Cinema on Sat 17th)

The whole program, events info, prices and venues can be found on their dedicated page. Make sure you don’t miss it ok?

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