ARYZ wall in Lisboa

28 December 2011

To celebrate the Montana Shop & Gallery Lisboa 2nd anniversary, Aryz was invited to do an exhibition on the gallery with his process drawings along with a new wall in the city centre…

new ARYZ wall in Lisboa (photo by Lara Seixo)
new ARYZ wall in Lisboa (photo by Lara Seixo)

The shop (which is part and distributes the well-known graffiti brand Montana) had the support of the city council (GAU) that found the shop & artist a nice building side very visible right in the heart of Lisbon. Aryz then started working on Friday night the 2nd of December and ended it the 6th afternoon (btw the mural is along Avenida da Liberdade near the Tivoli theater between Rua Santa Marta and Rua Rodrigues Sampaio).

new ARYZ wall in Lisboa (photo by Lara Seixo) - 2
new ARYZ wall in Lisboa (photo by Lara Seixo) - 2

Born in Palo Alto, California, but has resided in Barcelona since he was a child. In the last few years he has participated in a variety of events and urban art shows in many different countries. As a good new referent in Europe ARYZ’s exhibition @ MontanaLisboa showed for the first time his process sketches for most of is projects, photos of the evening can be seen here.

The best of all is that there’s a parallel individual show also at their Barcelona gallery running until January 21st in case you can’t make it to Lisbon, enjoy!

One of ARYZ's latest walls in Lodz, Poland
One of ARYZ's latest walls in Lodz, Poland

(photos by Lara Seixo via Stick2target)

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Fame Fest 2011 @ Grottaglie – Italy

23 September 2011

After the 2010 edition comes the… 2011 one! One of the best summery street art festivals will once again take place at the southern Italian city of Grottaglie: Fame Fest.

About to be canceled at first, the people @ Studio Cromie have managed however to put together the 4th edition with an always amazing selection of artists, for 2011 Angelo and the crew @ Cromie have brought Vhils, Nespoon, Erica il Cane, NUG, Boris Hoppek…. amongst many others. Quite a selection who’ve been invading Grottaglie and its streets (while eating loads of pizza & pasta) for the past few months to make the city look nice for the big day.

Nespoon's contribution

This year it all happens last week of Sept… 23rd & 24th so just like last year… for those of you heading to southern Italy this Sept please pass by Grottaglie, it’s tiny, but there will be so muchart waiting for you…. more details on the FAME webpage.

NUG invading walls

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Sand, Sea & Spray

19 June 2011

I went to Bristol’s Upfest but completely missed Blackpool’s “Sand Sea & Spray” which in it’s first edition brought to Blackpool some of the most impressive international artists from the spray scene…

A group of 40 artists – who jetted in from everywhere from Chile and Spain to Devon – spent two days transforming four venues & leaving their mark on Blackpool: from the wall of the North Pier’s Sun Lounge to a giant toaster emblazoned across Talbot Road Bus Station.

Organiser Robin Ross said: “The event has been four years in planning. It has been a long time coming and we’ve got artists from all over the world. There’s a lot of crazy people and I’m over the moon. We’ve had such a good response from the public – people have been going in the bus station and just saying ‘wow’. I wanted to prove that Blackpool could – it’s my attitude that if we don’t do it nobody else will.”

The festival is the largest gathering of graffiti artists in Europe this year, and Chilean Otto Schade was delighted to be part of it (well… that’s always a matter of discussion, but from the looks of the graffiti sizes, it’s pretty impressive).

Arriving in Blackpool for the week end are artists from Canada, Chile, Spain, France, Germany, Austraila, Greece and all over the UK.

Indigo from Canada is making a 10.000 mile round trip to paint and is one of the leading ladies of Streeet Art and to prove that the girls can paint are Kashink from France and Faunagraphic from Sheffield. Osch from Chile who will be painting a replica Mini on North Pier Jokin and Mikel from Spain have never painted in the UK before The Krah from Greece are highlighted in the V&A Tour of the UK the UK contigent feature legends of Urban Art including; inkie and SPQR from Bristol, BestEver and the Toasters, and Keminifink with Title from the Midlands.

(rest of the videos on Obiwansi’s youtube channel)

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Upfest ’11

13 June 2011

Upfest 2011 has been a big bag of contradictory feelings for me. Taking more space than in previous years the 2011 edition occupied a good bunch of space surrounding Bristol’s Tobacco Factory & North Road. More space, more budget, with their shiny new shop opened last year… and room for many more artists, but…..

Nathan Bowen @ Upfest 2011

…maybe it’s a personal impression but it certainly looked like the quality and variety of previous years has slightly declined. Big names & loyal members of the scene were there (Stik, Dommunism, DM, Snub4…) and many others were missing, but we guess that the bigger & bolder it gets, the more sacrifices the festival has to make.


Constantly looking at the sky for those threatening clouds & despite the muggy weather this year’s edition was once again a nice free gift to our eyes… and everyone’s cameras (along with some great freestyle evening). Bristol is and will still be the Graff city for many years to come in the UK & Europe.

Portuguese Fábio Carneiro was a great surprise this year

More pics of the event on our flickr page. Enjoy!

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angelo mio @ Lazarew – Paris

9 June 2011
angelo mio

To stand out in the crowded graffiti world you have to be either a virtuous (mostly mastering and mixing all techniques), be an old legend, or place your doodles and tags on the most unconceivable places and walls. Patrick Baillet attempts to do all that by bringing his classical pieces to abandoned buildings & squats.

le cas ravagé

Artist & teacher Baillet has explored a little bit of everything to bring his art to life exploring several trends (hyperrealism, xerox-art…). And his latests photographic works capture many of these hidden classic-graffs on ” espaces palimpsestes”. Currently being exhibited at the central Parisian gallery Lazarew, the exhibition has been extended till the end of August.

l' entracte
cuisine jaune

rest of Patrick’s works on his website

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Street Fest 11

29 May 2011

We can’t wait for this year’s Upfest (in Bristol) but in the meantime there’s another just as important (mainly because of its big brand sponsors) street arts festival here in London… graff, rap, battles, skate, bmx… (fashion??? what?) a good list of live art  performances @ a very affordable price .. £10 (well, free would have been even better).

Taking over Hearn Street Car Park on 29th May over 10 hours of pure creative process and shows surrounded by a thirsty crowd (all with their DSLR) expecting a lot from the likes of Remi Rough, Toasters, 45RPM (yuzz!), Bandy Lo….  (whole line-up here)…

… as well as a great mix of the dopest artistic showcases with live music from Protein favourite Ghostpoet (keep ’em peeled for a forthcoming Protein Profile film on the man himself), skating and BMXing from Lovenskate, Bicycle Union, and Kingdom on the 32ft in-built ramp… make sure you come for those great graff battles (more info & more videos on their page).


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