Gobelins 2012

Gobelins 2012

15 September 2012

Sci-fi, trippy, psychological and day-to-day stories are some of the proposals of the 3rd year students @ the well-known French animation school Les Gobelins which have just been unveiled like every course by their official Youtube channel.

We’re not extremely overwhelmed this year but when you reach such a level like that of this school’s students it’s quite hard to stand out, as a “coup de coeur” we’d like to highlight the extremely noir film by Charlotte Cambon de la Valette,  Stéphanie Mercier, Soizic Mouton & Marion Roussel (with great music by Laurent Courbier).

And we call it noir because despite the warmth of the family story we all could identify with… we suspect there’s been a murder in between all those doors, and we still haven’t figured out were the cat hides… or… if he’s been cooked.

The rest of the films  for this year can be seen on their channel this way.

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