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Norwegian duo Smerz introduce their frayed + swelling electro to LA at the Globe Theatre, Jul 20

19 July 2017

Copenhagen-based producers Smerz are performing Los Angeles’ Globe Theatre on July 20. 

Hosted by independent club promotion and event company Spaceland Presents, the show comes as part of the Norwegian duo’s first tour of the US, following the release of their first track ‘Oh my my‘ via XL Recordings on July 5. 

Catharina Stoltenberg and Henriette Motzfeldt have already been making a name for themselves for their loose and silky take on dance with ‘Because‘ and ‘Thrill,’ reminiscent of the sounds of the likes of Tirzah and Micachu

They’ll be supported by New York and Seoul-based producer Yaeji and LA’s DJ Bianca Oblivion.

Visit the Spaceland Presents website for details.**

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Inga Copeland returns to LA with Fuck U Pay Us + Odwalla88 at Globe Theatre, Apr 11

11 April 2017

Inga Copeland, Fuck U Pay Us + Odwalla88 are performing Los Angeles’ Globe Theatre on April 11.

Hosted by independent club promotion and event company Spaceland Presents and Outside Insight, the event will feature the headlining Estonian producer and artist Inga Copeland (aka Alina Astrova), past co-founding member of Hype Williams and more recently performing under the moniker Lolina. She has also worked in collaborations with the likes of Scratcha DVA, John T. Gast, Martyn and Actress, among others. 

The evening will also feature Los Angeles-based punk band Fuck U Pay Us (Jasmine Nyende, Uhuru Moor, Ayotunde Osareme, and Tianna Nicole) and musical duo Odwalla88 (Chloe Maratta + Flannery Silva) who are currently touring around the US at the moment and who’s last album Earth Flirt (2015) was released on Ooga Booga Records

Visit the Spaceland Presents webpage for more details.**

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