Christophe Herreros, OK KID, YOU GOT THE JOB (2015) exhibition photos

13 April 2016

From September 19 to October 1o, 2015, Christophe Herreros presented film installation OK KID, YOU GOT THE JOB, at Paris’ Glassbox. Running in parallel to Pieter van der Schaaf’s CHOU CHINOIS (PAK CHOI), also in the gallery, the exhibition is a realisation of videos made during Herreros’ L’Estive residency where the conditions of a movie set were arranged within the art space during August 2015.

Glassbox then, was transformed into a stereotypical working studio, where the casting opened itself to the streets. Participants were asked to improvise in relation to a given situation and casting, where rehearsal and movie were combined to explore the appearance of fiction. From off-screen to finalised product, equal emphasis was placed on each landscape as a way to reinterpret the complete package.

Looking back, the exhibition presents head shots placed in frames and amateur casting tapes filmed against a bright red wall that, distributed around the room. Steadicam sequence shots reference codes of television, particularly US-American crime investigation. Placed on the gallery wall, they are all experienced through a domestic-sized monitor.

Moving between video art, cinema and tv, the project remains in a limbo state of short durational looping. Open-ended and unexplained, the narrative of the film, as well as the installation, is locked into repetition and unkept promises that reject any closure as an artwork.**

Exhibition photos, top right.

Christophe Herreros’ OK KID, YOU GOT THE JOB was on at Paris’ Glassbox, running September 18 to October 10, 2016.

Header image: Christophe Herreros, OK KID, YOU GOT THE JOB (2015). Exhibition view. Courtesy Glassbox, Paris.

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It’s Our Playground @ Glassbox, May 6 – Jun 23

5 May 2015

Artist duo It’s Our Playground brings a new show titled Show Room to Paris’s artist-run non-profit Glassbox, where it will run from May 6 to June 23.

Camille Le Houezec and Jocelyn Villemont formed IOP in 2009, using the platform to create exhibitions, internet projects, scénographies, and installations, using their curation as a medium in and of itself.

Using their website as a portfolio of their joint activity, the artist-run digital space now introduces the exhibition Show Room, with works by Eva Berendes, Anna-Sophie Berger, Stéphane Devidal, Ditte Gantriis, and Zoe Williams.

Show Room builds on an exhibition that Jupiter Woods’ recent Genuine Articles exhibition also built on: Villemont and le Houzec’s own Screenplay held at Glasgow’s SWG3 Gallery.

See the exhibition page for details. **


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