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7 March 2012

It’s been a looooong time since I last recommended a website. Sort of… January, when Portals was about to go live, ok not that long ago. Today is one of those little jewels that make the blogging community and always auto-refreshing source of invaluable publications: Game City Nights, one of the best indie-game blogs around (not the best WordPress theme around but…. the content is what matters).

GCNblog is pretty much the summary of evenings, talks & laughs that Game City Nights represents and the weekly summary of that educational and enjoyable philosophy that the big, huge, massive GameCity Nottingham festival has spread since the N. Trent University created it back in 2006.

A lot has rained since (especially in Nottingham), but a couple of years ago the after-dark monthly gatherings started to happen, because 1 event a year wasn’t good enough, then the blog came to life with the second season, and the movement is now hyping global. Next Thursday 29th Dan Pinchbeck (from Dear Esther, one of this year’s IGF finalists btw) will be conducting the evening, taking about his game, about games development and share his knowledge with the crowd, from launching a start-up to bringing a game to market….

from last month's GCN
from last month's GCN

Enough GCN advertising! (because if you’re around the UK or Nottingham that day, or any other last Thursday of each month then you should go), what counts is the website, which like the GCN journal itself, is probably the best way to follow the indie game movement… with a British accent… and a great source for new game creators profiling, interviews, game previews…. and blablabla. Just visit it, will ya?

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