Things Change @ Since – Paris

24 June 2011
Austrian Cultural Forum - A collaberation with Waylon Tait

New  month… new great exhibition @ our favorite Parisian gallery… “Since“! (it’s such a shame their exhibitions only last for a month!!). Anyway, for the next 4,5 weeks Mr Gabriel Specter will be invading that tiny but always explosive space at Rue St Maur.

Specter lives in Brooklyn but maybe because of the beautiful Parisian summer he’s decided to bring a few of his pieces for the first time to the French capital. In “Things Change” Gabriel brings the day-to-day life of another megalopolis… the one he breathes and sweats every day: New York.

Unwanted Collaborations- Sidebusts

His works are all about the people, the streets, its harsh living conditions, the storefronts and how neighborhoods evolve, change and mutate.  To the Parisian Gallery Gabriel will be bringing ten of his latest paintings and he’ll also finish off tomorrow (along with the free inauguration @ 19:00) the wall he’s been decorating for the past 3 days… just in front of the gallery entrance.

saw u in heaven

His technique is complex. It uses a mix of painting, collage, photocopy or recycled materials. His aesthetics are imbued with a meticulous work of anthropology. His paintings and sculptures are meant to represent “change”, celebrate the marginalized and act as a contribution to the urban environment. Specter’s work always takes into account where it is placed. The neighborhood, people, stories and  things such as the local architecture, ads or local businesses are his sources of inspiration.

Many places and cultures are juxtaposed in his paintings to represent the constantly chancing urban New York: a representation of what is left aside when the change arrives into our neighborhoods.

Gentrification Billboards

Tomorrow is the presentation so if you have nothing to do (and happen to be in Paris…) a free drink and a bunch of art critics will be prowling around Since Upian. And you should too! If not  you have until July 23rd.

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