Gaîté Lyrique


30 March 2012

First edition of another digital arts festival? Why not! The French ministry of culture has plenty of €€ to spare these days and La Gaîté lyrique seems to be the only place to host them so… as long as it has something to photograph… we’ll be there.

Fabfest (ask  Rosa Luna-Palma about the name) is conceived to celebrate the invasion of the digital universe (in all its forms and expressions) and the arrival of the techie revolution to all industries and ecosystems. Nothing is safe today from our interconnected world… not even mother nature itself.

So in an “atypical” way Rosa and her team (and Gaîté lyrique pipol too) propose 34 days of free encounters, free talks, a free exhibition… and a musical night (Sunday with  Christine & the Queens + Total Warr + Cascadeur which unfortunately is paying)  starting tomorrow afternoon.

Fabfest Poster
Fabfest Poster

There’s loads of interesting staff going on the next 4 days…. you pick…

Starting with the the mini “future is now” exhibition curated by  Nicolas Rosette (artistic director of the SIANA biennale) which brings some of the best digital brains of the Frenchie scene, followed by a couple of talks / debates, and our favorite: a master class by  Michel Reilhac (ARTE cinema director) and one another by Steve Crossan (Google’s Cultural director) & co.

Not all events run throughout the weekend so be careful as many of you may be working this next Monday & Tuesday… but if you can skip your boring routines and come up with a great excuse… do it!

Full program on their website or via La Gaîté lyrique too. Enjoy!

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enter the PictoPlasma universe

16 December 2011

As a little reminder for those of you who are still unaware that Pictoplasma has arrived to Paris, here’s this little documentary curated by the Paris Major.


You don’t get such concentration of character design and creatures anywhere else on the planet (except maybe… when PictoPlasma is happening elsewhere of course) so if you didn’t know where Peter Thaler & Lars Denicke had decided to bring their “monster design forum” maybe  you should revisit our post, the agenda and think about dropping by Gaite Lyrique before the end of the month.

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Public domaine

18 June 2006

Pretty much any and every corner, bench and street sidewalk can become a skater’s playground, any square, any handrail any concrete structure out in the public. In Paris they tend to gather around the Musée de l’Homme, in London around Southbank center, and in Madrid near Los Bajos & Moncloa…. public open spaces with the ideal conditions….

And because all of a sudden street culture has become the hottest trend for all major publications the shiny new “all digital things” Parisian cultural center “La Gaîté lyrique” is organising its first major summer exhibition: Public domaine – a bit about Skateboard culture starting today and up until early August.

Those nearly 19million worldwide skaters will probably love to know how their modern sport will take over la Gaîté lyrique’s spaces via the various artistic spheres that it influences: music, graphics, cinema, photography, fashion, video games… Public domaine – Skateboard culture gives voice to those who have forged themselves uncommon lives after being touched by the skateboard.

© Benjamin Deberdt - Mark Gonzales, Circle Board au Trocadéro, 2010

Public Domain, without the “e”, is the name of one of the skateboarding videos produced by Stacy Peralta which helped revolutionize the aesthetics and image of skateboarding towards the end of the 1980s.

Public Domaine, with an “e”, is the homage paid to an art form which has chosen a plank and four wheels as its medium of self-expression with which to reclaim the public domain and to reinterpret it with its twists and whorls on the asphalt. Because “skateboarding” is much more than just a sport, an activity, a hobby or a means of transport… Over the years, it has forged itself a rich, evolving aesthetic and transformed itself in the course of its encounters with artists – from designers to musicians – who have taken it as their traveling companion.

The program for this summer includes a large number of talks, concerts, events and many many demonstrations…. some live performances by Dinosaur Jr, Tommy Guerrero, Mix Master Mike, Ray Barbee… some dedicated reviews, some introductory classes for those of use who are hopeless on wheels… and a lot more.

© DR Ben Colen - Guy Mariano filmé par Ty Evans

The exhibition is (unfortunately) not free, but a few of the events are and others are really affordable (3€), so maybe you should have a look, then tell us what you went for.

Because the summer was made for street culture exhibitions and not for visiting the Louvre!

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