5 April 2011

And because slowly but steadily we keep discovering new animators & creatives each week, let’s have a look today at the latest work by Fran Krause who keeps combining his own productions with his work @ Calarts.

This New Yorker who used to love drawing naked ladies and hanging out with his college kids while studying @ the Munson Willians-Proctor Institute (and their night classes) uses a rather unconventional method to produce his latest film… sketchbook filming!

Fran made himself a tiny field guide, so he could trace a series of very small 16:9 fields into his sketchbook – “I could fit about fifteen on each page”. Then he animated with a nib pen and ink. People asked, “How do you test it, keep it registered, that sort of thing?” and the truth is I tried not to worry about it. At first, I shot quick tests with my cel phone camera, but after a couple pages I just tried to wing it.

His sketchbook (not a moleskine! surprise!) is another goldmine you can visit on his flickr page.

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