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FKDL – Matchbook Cover @ Since

20 June 2012

Quick reminder for our Parisian readers who love street art inside white spaces… Franck Duval (aka FKDL) will present his latest exhibition @ Upian gallery this Friday along with a new mural that he’ll finish before the weekend on the wall just in front of the gallery entrance, a tradition most street artists that exhibit @ Upian have followed for the past three years.

FKDL - Matchbookcover
FKDL – Matchbookcover

 Matchbook Cover is one of his usual nostalgic trips this time making use of the long-gone matchbook art. A support used as an inspiration and main material and that many decades ago was one of the most colorful advertising formats for many companies. FKDL

Femininity is honored once again in this very personal interpretation of the perfect matchbox vintage collage taken out of his personal collection and using some of the lucky women he encountered during the presentation of his previous (and still on-going) exhibition @ Bon Marché: Toiles de couture.

FKDL - one of his 2012 Parisian summer works
FKDL – one of his 2012 Parisian summer works

This Friday is the vernissage @ Rue Saint-Maur so if you’ve digested (and have slept enough) after tomorrow’s Music day, then we highly recommend it, more info this way.

 (one of FKDL exhibitions @ New Heart City last year)

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