Temporal narratives + the annals of Western art in Quayola’s Fragments at bitforms, Feb 25 – Apr 9

23 February 2017

Quayola is presenting solo exhibition Fragments at New York’s bitforms gallery, opening February 25 and running to April 9.

Quayola‘s process “begins in the annals of Western art” where historical themes and technological apparatus are located and synthesized. The show will be a series of sculptures called ‘Laocoön Fragments’ and based on the Hellenistic sculpture ‘Laocoön and His Sons‘. 

Quayola, originally from Rome, explores the “grandeur and decay of ancient sculptures and Renaissance masterpieces that he encountered at an early age,” and the fluidity of temporal narratives.

See the bitforms website for details.**

Quayola, ‘Laocoön Fragment B_001.001’, (2016). Courtesy the artist + bitforms gallery, New York.
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