Focal Point Gallery

Paul Johnson + Timothy Morton @ Focal Point Gallery, Mar 21

20 March 2015

Essex’s Focal Point Gallery has invited artist Paul Johnson for a discussion of his recent exhibition at the gallery with professor Timothy Morton, taking place on March 21.

The London-born artist’s solo exhibition, titled The Sunless Sea, is presented as an “ostensibly ritualistic” series of sculptures and wall works, inspired by Johnson’s interest in failed historic attempts and utopian states. The collection of artefacts attempts to imagine how we might perceive the present in the future–symbols of failed utopian ideals taking on the appearance of “salvaged fragments of marginalised existence”.

He is joined in conversation by Timothy Morton, Professor, and Rita Shea Guffey Chair in English at Rice University in Texas, whose work in object-oriented philosophy and intersectionality has led to him coining the term ‘hyperobjects’: “objects so massively distributed in time and space as to transcend localisation, such as climate change and styrofoam”.

See the event page for details. **


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Events + Exhibitions, Mar 15 – 22

16 March 2015

Art Dubai is running in the UAE this week, beginning March 16, where Slavs and Tatars are curating a programme and launching a companion publication to the Mirrors for Princes exhibition, currently running at NYU Abu Dhabi. Meanwhile, at Art Basel Hong Kong Wu Tsang and Nav Haq will appear in conversation on Post Global: Art After Identity Politics at the fair, while fellow speaker Guan Xiao is exhibiting alongside Katja Novitskova with Kraupa-Tuskany Zeidler.

LGBT Film Festival is on in London, as well as a few of smaller discussion and event series, including Material Cryptologies with Sæmundur Þór Helgason and Lars ‘TCF’ Holdhus among others and the REAL ESTATE multi-purpose project run by Fugitive Images. Outside of the capital, Timothy Morton is talking on Hyperobjects at Focal Point Gallery and Mathew Drage is among those appearing for Total Archive in Cambridge.

In Melbourne, Australia, Nicolas Ceccaldi, Amy Yao, Telfar and Zoe Latta of Eckhaus Latta are among those taking part in the Boulevard event, while Sarah Schönfeld is showing in Mexico City. In Berlin, Melanie Buehler and Goethe Institut‘s European Edition Lunch Bytes series is closing with a conference, Hannah Black, Anna Zett and Elvia Wilk are among those reading at Flutgraben e.V, and V4ULT is hosting a performative group show with Juliette Bonneviot, Aude Pariset and Rasmus Svensson among them.

There’s more so see below:


Feminist Duration in Art and Curating @ Goldsmiths, Mar 16

The Otolith Group + Richard Couzins screening @ Carroll / Fletcher, Mar 17 – 23

Tacita Dean @ LACMA, Mar 17

Slade Wotever! @ Royal Vauxhall Tavern, Mar 17

Speculative Realism, Accelerationism and Aesthetics Conference @ CUNY, Mar 17

Zach Blas @ RCA, Mar 17

Your Utopia My Dystopia @ Studio 70, Mar 17

The Sharing Economy: A Post-Mortem @ Bloomberg, Mar 17

Post Global: Art After Identity Politics @ Art Basel Hong Kong, Mar 17


Material Cryptologies @ Tenderpixel, Mar 18 – 19

Ethics: Extremism & Compromise @ Camden Arts Centre, Mar 18

New Materialism: Categorising Subject @ Banner Repeater, Mar 18

Art Dubai, March 18 – 21

An Evening on the Great Pacific Garbage Patch @ Goethe-Institut London, Mar 19

The Total Archive @ CRASSH, Mar 19 – 20

London LGBT Film Festival @ BFI, Mar 19 – Mar 29

DZ Hosts The Violet Crab @ DRAF, Mar 19 – 21

Some Thoughts on Culture and Revolution @ iCI, Mar 19

Lunch Bytes Conference @ HKW, Mar 20

Lit Live @ The Peckham Pelican, Mar 19

Jiraiya @ Tom of Finland Foundation, Mar 19

IMMUNITY (chorus) @ V4ULT, Mar 19

APHRODYKI @ Marquis of Lansdowne, Mar 20

Timothy Morton @ Focal Point Gallery, Mar 21

After the Eclipse @ Flutgraben e.V, Mar 22


David Douard @ Cura Basement, Mar 18 – Apr 20

Eloïse Bonneviot @ Desktop Residency, Mar 16 – Apr 4

Boulevard @ Gertrude Contemporary, Mar 17 – 19

it’s coming, it’s just not here yet.
@ Harts Lane Studios, Mar 17 – 19

The Duck @ Space, March 19 – Apr 5

Adam Cruces + Soul Hackers @ Levy Delval, Mar 19 – Apr 18

pussykrew @ REPLAY BOARDROOM GALLERY, Mar 19 – May 15

K.I.S.S @ Generation & Display, Mar 20 – May 2

FAKE @ Exile Berlin, Mar 21 – Apr 18

Jonas Lund @ Steve Turner Contemporary, Mar 21 – May 2

Sarah Schönfeld @ Marso, Mar 21 – April

Orion Martin @ Favorite Goods, Mar 21 – May 9

reFrag @ Parsons Paris, Mar 19 – 22


See here for exhibitions opening last week.

Header image: Eloïse Bonneviot @ Desktop Residency.

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