Flock of Dimes

icy & glaze

26 December 2011

I guess Jenn Wasner gives the term “vanity” a modern meaning of the word and not the “futile” usage medieval people gave it pre-14th century. The Wye Oak member probably knows how dangerous “vanity” can be, but she describes her personal project “Flock of Dimes” as a  “project of questionable skill and intent straight away”. Can she be modest & vain at the same time?

Earlier this year her “Prison Bride” did a mini-buzzy tour around some music blogs when her track appeared in Baltimore’s 2011’s Friends Records compilation. Now that 2012 approaches, Jenn has decided to delight & drop “two new rough little pop songs”: icy & glaze.

Latest tracks by Flock of Dimes

I personally think she can be as vain as she wants, at least with these great wintery sounds… or maybe until she releases her solo debut album?

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