Flash on the beach

Flash on the beach @ Brighton

4 July 2010

[tweetmeme] FOTB has grown up, it’s now in its 5th edition and most of the tickets have sold out by now, only the conference pass tickets are still out there and unless you’re a student (£99 for 3 days) you’ll have to pay out £319 for a standard ticket (ouch).

Workshops have also sold out & global packs too :S  but hey this is “Flash on the beach” one of the most important creative & flash festivals in the whole world!

Because FOTB is not only for flash developers (although it helps a lot to understand & enjoy the presentation of those  many-times complicated projects). Probably the best part of it is the “Elevator Pitch” where 20 ‘newbies’ / ‘oldies’ / whatever you want to call them, get 3 minutes to show their best work, a new idea, live coding, live drawing, whatever. Very inspirational and quite impressive what these people can do with a code that seems to have an expiring date (or so they keep insisting on saying).

The obvious attraction for FOTB is not the trendy beachy UK Brighton city where all conferences take place, the impressive  speaker line-up that John Davey keeps bringing each year completely blows the Brighton scene for 3 whole days…

This year we’ll see some great people like  Jared Tarbell (creator of Etsy) Brendan Dawes (pioneer in the flash community) and many other respected & well known names with long digital agencies & advertising backgrounds like Laura Jordan-Bambach or Joshua Hirsch.

“Don’t think that Flash on the Beach is only about Flash. Sure appearing at FOTB in the past we have had the usual suspects – Flash, Flex, AIR, and then some. Open Frameworks, Processing, AJAX, Photoshop, After Effects, Art, Design, Illustration, Animation, Sound and many more. Whether you are a tech-head or a creative, if you are a decision maker or a team manager, if you are in need of a fix of creative inspiration, or want to know the latest how-to’s, Flash on the Beach is where you’ll get it.”

FOTB09 – Elevator Pitch – Trevor Boyle from John Davey on Vimeo.

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