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Fuck this jam

24 November 2012

“Stay ignorant, but once you’re going, carefully research and try what you’re doing”, these were the wise words Zach Gage gave the game developer community a few weeks ago right before “Fuck this” jam started. A game Jam centered around the theme of making a game in a genre you hate. “Through utter ignorance for conventions and hate for the established rules of a genre, beautiful things will happen“.

WhereAreYou by Andrei Marks
WhereAreYou by Andrei Marks

And beautiful things have come out of this jam indeed. From truck driver simulators which will make you experience the German Autobahn at night…. to sophisticated board games, moral titles or even first person research shooters.

Some of them unique, most of them enjoyable for a second or two but a few interesting ideas were proposed like Andrei Marks’s “Where are you“, where where one person is playing an FPS, and the other is playing a top down strategy game… something to explore really, although you’ll need to find a friend to play with.

One another “interesting” title is Gerop Orbital’s “Portraying The Terran Condition”, simply, a very surreal FPS you could end up loving.. if you like history on acid. The rest, can be explored this way, and hopefully we’ll get more “hated” games next year.

Portraying The Terran Condition
“Portraying The Terran Condition…” by Gerop Orbital

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