Felix Mura

Colin Self + Dawn Mok @ ACUD, March 16

14 March 2016

Never Work and collaborative project No Fear of Pop co-present an evening of sound and performance by Colin Self and Dawn Mok at Berlin’s ACUD on March 16.

The night promises an experience of “transhuman emotion”.

Open collective Dawn Mok, who took part in ALPINA HUUS, which aqnb covered the documentation of last summer, released their debut album, Eternal Love in 2015. It features tracks like ‘Like Thoughts or Moments We’ll Fall’ and ‘Fade Town, You’re my Evidence’ and mixes roots from Berlin, Seoul, Virginia, Bangkok and California, courtesy of the three primary producers Felix Mura, vocalist Bundi and pianist Kathy Kwon.

While Holly Herndon collaborator, Colin Self who is based in New York and has a debut album called Elation released on USB last year will bring to the evening a ‘monastic’ voice, sounds, presence and performance.

See the FB event page for more details**


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