Fanny Aboulker

The Time Is Now Ready For Delivery (Orgasmos) @ Cinema6, May 2

2 May 2014

London’s new Cinema6 film programme, running at Arcadia Missa April 27 to June 8, is screening an evening of artists’ video on May 2.

Organised by artist Anna Reading, the event features single-screen video by Holly White, Fanny Aboulker, Connie Butler, Jesse Darling and Hannah BlackAnnie Strachan, Mary Vetisse and more, responding to the brief of translating “the materiality of their practice into temporality”.

Occupying a transgressive space, not only in crossing boundaries in a hybrid approach to art but also in considering the notion of Orgasm as “a moment where matter and energy create a time-based phenomenon”, artists question notions  of “honesty, physicality, objecthood, patriarchy and the personal/political dichotomy”.

See the Cinema6 website for details. **

Header image: Lauren Godfrey, ‘Splodge and Drag Salad’ (still)

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