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National Office of Importance

24 September 2012

Keeping up with the fake but vintage blog trend blogs like Fake Science popularized a couple of years ago here’s a new discovery from the rainy lands of Britain… not entirely sure about the role of this brand new national office but we’re pretty sure that like the Audit or the Statistical one … it has good and bad employees.

Tonight and every night
Tonight and every night (image via NOoI)

The National Office of Importance is all about crucial facts for British citizens that should Keep In Mind for improving their living standards… An office that unfortunately closed back in 2003 while Blair was still in command but its archives have now been made public…

Think before you...
Think before you… (image via NOoI)

An office that carried out its statutory public duty “to inform, insist and admonish” on behalf of the British Government. Seen by some as a necessary conduit, and derided by others (notably the formidable editor of The Times, Auberondley Handelsman, who memorably dubbed it “a zoo of nannybodies, nincomboobs, whows, bingo-morts, gundiguts, mopsies and trotterclouts given inexplicable charge of a printing press”) many of its campaigns and much of its publicity material has now become as fondly-remembered a part of the cultural landscape as coddled eggs and transistorised wainscotting.

Only 5 magnificent recommendations from the NOI, hopefully more will come… more this way.

Dreams  (image via NOoI)
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Fake Science

21 February 2012

Fake Science is nearly 2 years old but they keep coming up with the most revealing and brightest explanations in the scientific community.

No need for weird science or a bunch of complicated and incomprehensible articles published on Nature or Science to explain why cats purr or why the famous North American elephant went extinct after the famous 60s nose-ring fashion trend, “Fake Science” provides us with our weekly dose of brainfood for all biologists, chemists and average (but curious) Joe.

And the best thing is that you don’t need to buy National Geographic or Wired anymore (cancel those subscriptions please!), FS are about to release their own hard-copy publication + a WebOS app for all of us to follow (or buy). If it wasn’t because of blogs like this one, or world would definitely be much much harder to understand. Maybe the team behind FS could start a series of cosmos-explanatory thesis in their upcoming numbers? The origin of the black holes, the string theory and those sort of trivial matters…

And what can we say about the Eisenhower era ad style…. just add them to your daily pulse reader, not a waste. Many more this way.

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