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10 April 2011

When you’re targeting Google or Msoft or any other big blue chip with the ambition to finally crack the success of your own company you just don’t stay there and sit. You use the same weapons and “cool” philosophy installed all across the Silicon Valley to make your company look as attractive as others.

In the case of facebook is not only about making their working environment look as “edgy” and absorbent (but relaxed at the same time….) as Google popularized several years ago ┬ábut more like cleaning up all the past troubles and negative bubble / aura that surrounds everything that Zuckerberg touches.

So what can they do to become the “hottest” place to work and substitute Yahoo or El big G as a brain & talent pole….?

Get MTV inside your offices (even if we had already seen hundreds of photos from their HQ ) and make a free campaign about you! Unfortunately for us (but this is our very personal opinion) this FB mini-documentary looks more like a horror movie than a nice PR piece. Definitely not a nice place to work at. Is giving your employees the chance to work (“experiment”) with new products / services during nighttime any cool? How does this differentiate from Yahoo’s hack day or Google’s 20% personal time policy?

In any case the truth is that FB and in particular its founder have tried to keep the “hacking” ideal very present and as someone at TechCrunch pointed once… why is Yahoo going down? Because the number of programmers and engineers in top positions has dramatically gone down (now run by businessmen).

Nevertheless such an American cheesy ad of a company could only (and obviously) come from a TV channel which stopped meaning “music” a long time ago; but I’m sure there’s many FB fans out there who will be delighted (and keep dreaming) with these truly exceptional intimate facebook moments. Thank You MTV!

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