Beny Wagner @ Import Projects, Nov 4

4 November 2013

The idea of privacy and opacity has been a major theme across the art events we’ve been covering of late, from the panopticon of Kassel’s Speculations on Anonymous Materials and the preoccupations with veiling at Vienna’s Faceless II to online identity representations in Calculating Virtual Ratios at Import Projects. In parallel to that, the latter Berlin venue will also be hosting artist Beny Wagner’s Invisible Measure, running November 4 to December 8.

Adding to the discussion -a topical one in these days of data-spying -Wagner’s is an attempt to make sense of an increasingly confusing reality, through mapping the evolution of our relationship to transparency next to a gradual shift away from the material into the immaterial labour processes over the last century.

See the Import Projects website for more details. **

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‘OFFLINE ART: Hardcore’ @ Kasseler Kunstverein

28 August 2013

Connected to a router but distinct from an online network, curator Aram Bartholl presents the second installment of his OFFLINE art series, this time in Germany’s Kasseler Kunstverein. Showing alongside his Hello World! exhibition and opening Thursday, August 29 and running till October 13, OFFLINE ART: Hardcore takes the inter-generational discourse -that included the likes of Olia Lialina, Cory Arcangel and Emilie Gervais at XPO Gallery in France earlier this year -and extends it toward radical approaches to exploring popular ideas of the digital image and web culture, through a lens of 80s and 90s hardcore in music.

In a world of professionalised interfaces and mundane designs from the likes of Facebook, Apple and Google, these artists, including Constant Dullaart, Vuk Ćosić and Eva & Franco Mattes among 11 others, challenge the corporate status quo with their own take on hardcore in radical art, as expressed through walls lined with routers.

Make sure you have a smartphone and see the Kasseler Kunstverein website for more details. **

OFFLINE ART- Hardcore install view

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