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Golubka Fundraiser for Ukraine to take place at London’s HQI, with Lawrence Lek, Aircode, Ewa Awe, Xquisite Releases and more, May 14

4 May 2022

Golubka Fundraiser for Ukraine is taking place at HQI, London, on May 14, 2022.

With all proceeds going towards the organisations Biblioteka Kyiv, Livyj Bereh, Bridges Over Borders, and Come Back Alive, the event will raise funds through donated artworks, objects and fashion for sale. Participating contributors include Lawrence Lek, New Noveta, Bora Akinciturk, Claire Barrow, Daniel Swan, Xquisite Releases, Mainline RUS/Fr.CA/DE, Bog, and many more. DJ sets will run through evening featuring Aircode, Ewa Awe, Manuka Honey, Cold, LC, among others.

Golubka Fundraiser for Ukraine is taking place at HQI, London, on May 14, 2022.
Book tickets now via Resident Advisor.**

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Revisiting the ghostly presence & blurred realities of Ewa Awe’s sonic fable for AQNB x 3hd 2020 with a video by Dominik Rosinski

5 November 2020

Ewa Awe presented ‘New Miasma Theory Chapter 2’ in collaboration with Sanja Grozdanić for the AQNB x 3hd 2020: Hyperobjectivity event in a secret London location on September 26, with a video of the performance by Dominik Rosinski premiering on the site today.

The second in an eponymous series of fantastical sonic fables—‘New Miasma Theory Chapter 2’—saw the London-based Polish artist present narrated sonic walks in an unknown northwest London location, culminating in a ceremonial performance. It explored the notions of miasma as ghostly presence and ethereal symbols of collective beliefs, welcoming an audience towards reverie, blurring boundaries between reality and fiction. With a spoken word narrative produced in collaboration with writer Grozdanić, the project evoked oral storytelling rituals.

The performance was the artist’s response to our Hyperobjectivity event, curated by AQNB associate editor Jared Davis, as part of 3hd 2020’s decentralized ECO-centers companion programme. In keeping with its theme of a nature-centered political philosophy known as ‘ecocentrism’, Hyperobjectivity explored the ungraspable concerns around climate change, the pandemic and a failing capitalist system. These issues problematise anthropocentrism, colonialist frameworks, and our false mastery over nature. Uncertainty marks this moment, but also a feeling of potential new ways of thinking emerge—away from rationality and objectivity.

Watch the video above or scroll up for more documentation.**

AQNB x 3hd 2020: Hyperobjectivity, featuring Ewa Awe and presented as part of 3hd 2020’s ECO-Centers programme, took place at a secret location in London, on September 26, 2020.

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