Episode 31

Episode 31

19 December 2011

Two months for the rehearsal of this big moving installation. Episode 31 took a group of the senior students (4th year) at the Juilliard school to prepare a piece for last week’s New Dances: Edition 2011.

Is it one of those crazy improv reunions that happen nearly on a monthly basis in NY? Nope, for them it was more about studying how the piece would work  in different settings: born in a studio, experimented in the NY streets and finally presenting it on the stage.

Episode 31 by Alexander Ekman is one of the 4 pieces (together with “The Way It Feels” by Monica Bill Barnes; “The Radiant Ocean (of Proud Vanishing Beauty)” by Alex Ketley and “Fortune” by Pam Tanowitz), that premiered last week at the Peter Jay sharp theatre as part of Julliad’s 2011 New Dances.

The aim of this 4 guest choreographers and teaching artists is to support the Juilliard faculty in opening the dancer’s eyes and minds to all the choreographic possibilities that lie ahead. A challenge not every choreographer accepts when Lawrence Rhodes invites someone to participate in the annual program, hopefully next year we’ll see less-stage and more interactivity taken outside those glass doors.

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