Club initiatives Eastern Margins & UNITI join for a spring equinox party in London, Apr 18

16 April 2019

London club collectives Eastern Margins and UNITI have teamed up for a night at The Yard on Thursday April 18. 

As part of UNITI’s PLUR (Peace Love UNITI Rave) event series, this spring equinox party will feature live sets from Vancouver’s x/o, Mun Sing (aka Giant Swan’s Harry Wright), UNITI founder Englesia, as well as DJ sets from Eastern Margins Allstars and DJ Pussiephuss. The event is a pairing of two forward-thinking London club initiatives: Eastern Margins, who provide space for East and South-East Asian club musicians, along with UNITI, a platform that foregrounds LGBTQ+, womxn as well as non-binary DJs and producers.

Eastern Margins have compiled a Spotify playlist of some their favourite tracks by the artists performing at the event. Listen to a 2018 track from x/o called ‘Orchid Dream’ below.**

Eastern Margins x UNITI featuring x/o, Mun Sing, Englesia, DJ Pussiephuss is on at London’s The Yard, April 18, 2019.

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UNITI take back ownership of darkness, sadness + the void in their Reclaiming the Void album compilation

24 August 2017

UNITI released their latest compilation album RECLAIMING THE VOID via Soundcloud and Bandcamp  on August 17. 

The album themes itself around “womxn & non-binary artists reclaiming ownership of darkness, sadness & the void,” a concept they argue is often centered and defined by men and features original tracks from producers that include Born In Flamez, DEBITEnglesiaEstoc, Gitana, LIZZMx World, Terribilis and more.

The album moves seamlessly between sonic weight and texture, beginning with Petit Singe ‘s ‘Rapsodia’ where tiny tonal drumming and soft vocals rub up against each other, setting the listener up for the multi-rhythmic tones of Bonaventure‘s club and industrial layerings. A looping hi-hat feels like a timer in GANX‘s ‘Miz,’ zoning in one the ‘build up’ into LYZZA‘s ‘Been That Bitch’ that begins with light piano play and softly detunes itself into hip hop vocals, and so on.

To celebrate the release, UNITI (who are trio of Terribilis, Ganx and Englesia) hosted a night featuring performances by LSDXOXO, Bonaventure, Lady Amz, and UNITI themselves. On top of releasing music, the collective also host events where women and LGBTQ people can “have fun and be themselves.”

Read more about the producers in our recent interview here. **

UNITI’s RECLAIMING THE VOID compilation album was self-released on August 17, 2017.

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