Elif Saydam

Elif Saydam traverses the narrative of humour and fear in No R.E.M. at Ashley Berlin, Sep 15 -24

14 September 2017

Elif Saydam presents solo exhibition No R.E.M. at Ashley Berlin opening September 15 to 24.

The Berlin/Izmir-based artist, writer and performer often works in painting and performance exploring the relationship between humour and fear.

The upcoming show will look at language through fiction, theatre and painting to “perform conflicting narratives and traverse the tension found in irreconcilable difference.” On September 24 Saydam will also have a ‘Studio Sunday’ where she will present Virginia Woolf’s ‘StreetEssay’ (1930) with an accompanying group discussion.

Visit Ashley Berlin for details.**

Courtesy Elif Saydam
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Mallrats, retrospectives + screenings across sister cities: A list of recommendations for Berlin Art Week 2017, Sep 13 – 17

13 September 2017

The sixth Berlin Art Week opens across venues in the German capital today, running Sep 13 to 17.

In an effort to disentangle the vast, city-wide program for an AQNB audience, we’ve put together a list navigating the heady combination of festivals, fairs, exhibitions, performances and special events. Some highlights include, a Berlin Community Radio night of art, wellness and shopping the new BCR merchandise line on Thursday and the opening of the Harun Farocki retrospective at NBK, with an accompanying group exhibition, featuring Candice BreitzSamson Kambalu and others, at SAVVY.

There are other exhibition openings with Andrea Crespo, Sophie Serber and Lucie Stahl, as well ones still running at Future Gallery, Sandy Brown, Société and more. 

Read on for some of our recommendations:

Openings + events

– LA > X Los Angeles Artists in Berlin, Sep 13

– El Usman Faroqhi presents Here and a Yonder: On Finding Poise in Disorientation A Project in the Framework of the Harun Farocki Retrospective @ SAVVY Contemporary, Sep 13 – Oct 21

Anna Orłowska + Mateusz Choróbski’s Like A Sick Eagle @ Exile, Sep 13 – Oct 14

BCR 4 Year Birthday at The Mall @ KW, Sep 14

Miet Warlop’s Dragging the Bone performance retrospective @ HAU1, Sep 14 – 16

Claire Fontaine’s The Crack-Up @ Neuer Berliner Kunstverein (NBK), Sep 14 – Jan 26  

Elif Saydam’s No R.E.M. @ Ashley Berlin, Sep 15 – 24

Andrea Crespo’s [intensifies] @ Kraupa-Tuskany Zeidler, Sep 15 – Oct 14

Lucie Stahl + Henning Bohl’s Slytherin’ at Schiefe Zähne, Sep 15 – Oct 18

Sophie Serber’s Gravity Sucks Again @ cave3000, Sep 16 – 19

Now on

Whenever the Heart Skips a Beat group exhibition, Sep 1- 15

Nora Al-Badri + Nikolai Nelles’ Not a Single Bone at NOME, Sep 8 – Nov 11

Nicolas Pelzer’s Collider Body @ Future Gallery, Sep 9 – Oct 7

Kamilla Bischof’s Cosmetic Songs @ Sandy Brown, Sep 7 – Oct 21

– Bill Hayden’s Public Relations @ Société, Sep 9 – Oct 14


The Future is F*e*m*a*l*e* Festival, Sep 14 – 23 

Festival of Future Nows, Sep 14 – 17 


Art Berlin, Sep 14 – 17 

POSITIONS Berlin Art Fair, Sep 14 – 17

Berliner Liste Fair, Sep 15 – 17**

Sarah Miles + Anastazja Moser. Courtesy Berlin Community Radio.
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