Einar Baldvin


Baboon still
4 January 2012

I recently checked on Stephen King’s IT publication date to decide whether Jonas Burgert could have been influenced by such book… or at least the 90s TV series. What about Einar Baldvin’s recently uploaded Baboon? No doubt punching clowns is not a good idea.

Baboon is Einar Baldvin‘s latest experimental film which comes to join his previously great “Catatonic” and “Mood into Blood” CalArts films in another glorious demonstration of dark Baconian animation from the Iceland director.

And besides admiring his love for naked cowboys (just like another twisted UK animator) and reading his ¬†articles on animation history, make sure you also visit his portfolio filled with many other beasts… baboons, cats, seagulls and other despicable creatures.

Cats by Einar Baldvin
Cats by Einar Baldvin

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