‘Eat My Bankruptcy Baby’

Rebecca Lennon @ Chalton Gallery, Jun 23 – Jul 3

22 June 2016

Rebecca Lennon is presenting solo exhibition Eat My Bankruptcy Baby at London’s Chalton Gallery, opening June 23 and running to July 3.

The exhibition carries on the Manchester-based artist’s concerns with appropriation of cultural, religious and political symbolism through songs featuring the word ‘baby’, starting with a large handwoven Oaxacan rug steering the viewer through a weaving video narrative of “love, then rejection, violence and finally nothing”.

Presenting a “desertscape in the structure of the brain”, the press release starts with reference to Nancy Sinatra’s ‘Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)’ and images like “the bullet vibrator as a stand-in for the body, financial envelope patterns as backdrops, and the intricate hand movements of a cleaning ritual”. All of these point to a sort of structure of the disordered brain culminating in Lennon’s own “purification via bankruptcy as a shamanic ritual.”

See the Chalton Gallery website for details.**

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