eamonn o neill

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23 August 2011

There’s going to be a lot of Irish creativity this week around here. And as I said at some point last week (or the previous one) it seems like I only discover Irish animators lately, enough bubbled-boys and fucked-up cats!

Eamonn O’Neill newest piece will premiere next month @ one of North America’s most respected animation festivals: the Ottawa IAF… “the largest of its kind in North America”. ¬†We wish we could be there, but while Eamonn releases it on-line (and that wont be at least until late 2012 as festivals usually force you to publish anything on-line for at least a year), we have a trailer which looks very promising…. very squizorganic, an Irish touch I suppose.

Eamonn has quite a curriculum himself and maybe didn’t need a RCA Masters, but it always helps some British buzz on a CV doesn’t it?

Either way, just visit his page & blog ok? His moleskine drawings & watercolors are just as impressive.

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