Dystopia (The earth is on fire)

27 March 2011

The Earth is on fire, and honestly, we couldn’t give more sh*t, just like Jona Bechtolt & Claire L. Evans (a.k.a Yacht). The Portland duo are polishing their upcoming summer album which we hope will be as refreshing and spasmodic as their previous mystery lights.

New album and a lot of commercial back-up from the DFA guys who’ll be trying to catapult the band throughout the whole summer festival list (and this time no need to be support of LCD or anyone else).

Dystopia (free to download here below or on their page) is the second song of  “Shangri-La” and the first they share with us. Written nearly a year ago (May 2010) Claire and Jona got quite affected by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill and after reading some post-apocalyptic sci-fi… and honestly with all the recent events it certainly fits in.

“Shangri-La” will be their second album for DFA Records, and fifth for the world. “Shangri-La” was produced, mixed, recorded, and performed by Jona & Claire as well as their frequent collaborator and touring member Bobby Birdman, at the Marfa Recording Company, Jackpot! Studios (and in their temporary living quarters in L.A.).

“Shangri-La” Tracklist:
01 Utopia
02 Dystopia (The Earth is on Fire)
03 I Walked Alone
04 Love in the Dark
05 One Step
06 Holy Roller
07 Beam Me Up
08 Paradise Engineering
09 Tripped & Fell in Love
10 Shangri-La

Dystopia (The Earth is on Fire) by RADIO YACHT

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