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‘Lessons in Anti Apathy’ @ Arcadia Missa, Aug 4

2 August 2016

‘Lessons in Anti Apathy’ is a panel discussion of four politically active organizing groups held at London’s Arcadia Missa on August 4.

The panel includes Sisters Uncut, Strike! Magazine, WHEREISANAMENDIETA, and Dysphoria Collective. It aims to discuss how to create, organise and demand change. It also intends to address the current political climate that the press release describes as “a split between those taking to the streets” and “those who have spiralled into a perpetual state of apathy, into stone cold coolness” in a “total lack of engagement”.

Other general topics of the discussion include feelings of powerlessness resulting from capitalism, racism and the patriarchy. The panel will discuss ways to fight back, attempt to dismantle these oppressive structures, and find ways to hold institutions of power accountable.

See the FB event page for more details.**

Lessons in Anti Apathy @ Arcadia Missa, Aug 4

Image courtesy WHEREISANAMENDIETA (2016).

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