Doomed: a biological cartoon!

9 February 2013

Back in the summer of 2011 we approached Guillermo Garcia Carsi for a little chat, his shiny “DOOMED” series pilot was doing the festival & production houses tour looking for funding. In chat with Spanish TVE, with other European channels… but we really never heard much more about it.

Guillermo has, since then, been involved in many other animated projects and side jobs. Maybe the failures of the natural selection is something humans don’t like to be reminded about, maybe “Doomed” was too forward-thinking… we might never get to meet all those creatures, but at least his very own El Señor Studio has just uploaded that great pilot for everyone to enjoy.

This is also the story of the relationship between these creatures and its Narrator. The character of the Narrator was a documentary star, but unfortunately for him, the good times are over and he is forced to accept this strange documentary, which he considered far below its potential.

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Carsi’s hopeless evolution

9 June 2011

Many years ago while spending my summer vacations @ the French Loire Valley I had the opportunity to meet one of those beings that make our world a bit miserable. A young convinced creationist girl (don’t know from which specific opinion though) who would noisily & publicly laugh at me when suggesting the possibility that we were a result of great apes’ evolution. I’ll always remember her big laugh @ Tour’s Rue du Commerce, and feeling stupid for not sharing her inspiring beliefs…

… I guess I should have payed more attention to the Book of Genesis being a kid instead of waisting my time most afternoons with those nature documentaries aired on public TV (with which I had wonderful siestas on my couch I must admit).

That was over a decade ago, when “La 2” public TV channel still had a decent rating and kids would join straight after school (and after those “Great Documentaries”) for their respective dose of animated steroids.

Things have changed a lot since then, National Geographic or Discovery programs still make it everyday at 14:30 & 16:00 but the contemporary substitutes of He-man, Thundercats or Sesame Street have now moved to their very own channel … the wonders of DTT.

Docu-animation could have been a perfect substitute for those afternoon slots rather than forcing all kids (biggest % of La 2 viewers up to that moment) move. What about those youngsters who loved watching the lion pride savage killings just before a bit of animated educational action? Well here’s a perfect mix (and opportunity) for the Spanish 2nd public channel (or any) to gain back a bit of that momentum… Guillermo Garcia Carsi has come up with a “hopeless” hotchpotch that perfectly fusions the scientific thoroughness of a BBC investigative nature report with the absurd abstraction of a kid animated product. Is it feasible to merge these 2 worlds? Let’s find out.

pájaro loco

aqnb: How are you doing Guillermo? Did you used to take a nap while watching those “La 2 documentaries” straight after school … or were you hypnotized by the hyenas nervous laughter?

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