DJ Sprinkles

Exploring sonic peripheries through the systolic compositions of Terre Thaemlitz in Interstices at Auto Italia, Oct 3 – Dec 3

3 October 2017

Terre Thaemlitz presents solo exhibition Interstices at London’s Auto Italia opening October 3 and running to December 3.

The title, meaning ‘small gaps or spaces between objects,’ is a fitting name for multi-media installation which will investigate “the spaces between genders, sexual orientations, and other identity constructs.” Thaemlitz (aka DJ Sprinkles) is an artist, producer, public speaker, educator, writer, DJ and also runs record label Comatonse Recordings.

The electroacoustic audio video installation will be the first exhibited in the UK, where the artist will adapt previous made sound and images from CD ‘Interstices.’ Using a compositional technique called systolic composition (with systole also referring to the rhythmic contraction of heart), Thaemlitz will present “sonic peripheries and moments between dominant melodic contents.”

Visit the Auto Italia website for details.**

Courtesy Terre Thaemlitz website.


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DJ Sprinkles @ Oval Space, Oct 25

8 October 2013

Terre Thaemlitz (aka DJ Sprinkles) was one of the more illuminating surprises of this year’s CTM festival. Sitting down with Electronic Beats editor Max Dax, the musician, artist and intellectual called on his audience to consider the fact that browsers and operating systems affect usage and accessibility, as well as queer philosophy and her contempt for the music industry generally.

She also happens to play some excellent house music as DJ Sprinkles (when she’s not releasing the longest album ever) and will be appearing alongside other producers and DJs, Radioslave, Ripperton and Iam Pooley at London’s Oval Space on Friday, Oct 25.

See the Oval Space Music events page for more details. **

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DJ Sprinkles – ‘Where Dancefloors Stood Still’.

DJ Sprinkles - 'Where Dancefloors Stood Still'.
15 March 2013

Sadly, we missed DJ Sprinkles’ performance at this year’s CTM Festival but we did manage to catch her thoughts as Terre Thaemlitz in conversation with Electronic Beats editor Max Dax. And, while she might think music is “a petri dish of all that I hate about society” it hasn’t changed the fact that she still produces it. Adding to the irony is this latest LP release, Where Dancefloors Stood Still, out now on Mule Musiq, coming as a protest against Japan’s controversial new “fuzoku” laws, effectively banning dancing after 1am.

As a Japanese citizen, these troubling changes affect Thaemlitz directly but you wouldn’t guess it from the typically ambient rhythms of these smooth deep house tracks featuring the likes of Ron Trent and Fingers Inc. But music is for rejoicing, not griping and certainly not forbidding. If you know anything about Terre Thaemlitz, you’ll know she has an uneasy relationship with download culture, so we could only find a preview listen of the record at Boomkat here.**

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