Small Demons

22 October 2011

Amazon probably has the best on-line cross-selling tools & discovery engines on planet earth. Based on your previous browsing history, your purchase history, those of your connections, of similar profiles… and many of us use it when buying “similar books” or music.

Books around places, people and things
Books around places, people and things

However, regardless of the thousands of blogs, “discovery” & recommendation content websites, apps and tools not many of these truly dive into what really matters: the content itself. Amazon may recommend you buy this album from this other artist because it’s also categorized as “soft blue electro rock-oth” , or someone else bought it and received 4/5 stars. But Amazon won’t make that recommendation based on the music itself, on what that first album is about, the lyrics, the melodies, the feelings the band or singer try to explore.

The same goes for movies… or books. The project & website we recently (finally) got access to, tries precisely to explore, recommend and  make you experience the insights of a book by bringing an amazing collection of the “details that live inside it”… and how those details connect with other books and stories. Lost already? What the video…

Small Demons takes the name from a passage of Jorge Luis Borges’ “Tlon Uqbar Orbus Tertius”.. “The history of the universe is the handwriting produced by a minor god in order to communicate with a Demon.” and aims to become the perfect place to discover the real-life aspects of a book… that we could experience ourselves.

Take the famous Larsson Millenium trilogy…  where does it take place, where does Lisbeth travel to during her hacky voyages? Which cameras & gadgets does she use? Which whiskey do they drink?

You get the idea of Small Demons right?

For now is only in beta-mode and powered by Freebase but with user’s contribution the objective is clear: became the Jinni equivalent for books: a comprehensive and metalinked base for story lovers… and guess who’s the main partner to monetize the platform…. Amazon! How surprising!

They still depend on their user’s contributions and editorial knowledge …but with time personal and social features should be added… like a personal library (still not open), new discovery options, apps, more  partners on board (B&N, Apple…?) and who knows… they may expand the service to films & music someday?

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Interstella 5555

10 July 2009

Daft Punk decided to collaborate with Leiji Matsumoto and Toei Animation for this anime masterpiece from their 2003 album “Discovery”. Inspired by Matsumoto’s previous work (Galaxy Express 999) this animated film reunites all those hits we danced from their second album.

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