Espanish Boogie 3

28 November 2012

Spanish crazy DJ & co-founder of Desparrame Barcelonian nights (with Delorean) Mr K**O brings us yet again one of his unrivaled mixes and last of the renown trilogy “Espanish Boogie” he started 4 years ago.

Recorded directly from vinyls and once again reviving and remixing some of the best hidden Iberian jewels from the 80s, we’ll find in this last volume some big hits … and some less well known tracks, from Enrique de Melchor’s flamenco-boogie “Let’s stay together” to other bizarre freestyle and castellan anthems.

And in case you’re wondering, second volume was published a couple of years ago, and volume one back in October 2008.

 Full tracklist…
1. Magia Blanca “Déjate Llevar” (Nuevos Medios, 1985)
2. Luz “Quiéreme Aunque Te Duela” (Zafiro, 1987)
3. Fernando Martínez con Chagrin D’Amour “Todo El Mundo Hace Lo Que Quiere” (Edigsa, 1982)
4. Tino “Discofobia” (Belter, 1984)
5. Mamá Ya Lo Sabe “¿Quieres Ser…?” (Zafiro, 1985)
6. Enrique De Melchor “Let’s Stay Together (Quedémonos Juntos)” (Zafiro, 1983)
7. Germán Coppini “Barbazul” (Hispavox, 1989)
8. Armas Blancas “Ritmo Del Ahogado” (Polygram Ibérica, 1985)
9. Dandy Salomon “Paso De Todo” (CFE, 1983)
10. Iván “Baila” (CBS Discos, 1985)
11. Objetivo Birmania “Baila Para Mí” (WEA, 1985)
12. Hotel “Yo Te Espío” (Epic, 1985)
13. Presuntos Implicados “Te Voy A Provocar” (RCA, 1985)
14. Carlos Pérez “Las Manos Quietas” (Infinity, 1985)
15. María Mendiola “Aerobic” (Movieplay, 1983)
16. Scanpol “Basta de Amor” (Tranvía, 1986)
17. Javier Asensi “Descontrol” (Dial Discos, 1984)

DJ Kigo “Espanish Boogie Vol.3” by Desparrame on  Mixcloud

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6 September 2011

The most bombastic electro duo since Daft Punk have new album ready. We know it will come out by the end of October, and from now on (even if there have already been like 500 leaks out there) is just a matter of building the viral effect up. Will they deliver?

After last Spring’s Civilization the new single had to be at least as powerful & explosive, this is what Justice are all about in the end, an endless stream of corrosive electronic bombs trying to keep the faith in the French touch… as a viable business model. Maybe the new Parisian generation of DJs shouldn’t be cataloged as such.

Everything sounds the same, same hard rock, same crushing synths, same simplicity, effective simplicity… but hard to improve or surprise on something that truly marked electro back in 2007.

And everything stays in-house of course, Xavier & Pedro didn’t have to go very far for their new album with SO ME directing the latest video and with all the Parisian sacred halo that surrounds them. Let’s pray to Jesus the new album is at least as divine as the first one.

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