Digital reality

Sine Mora

19 May 2012

Not everyone is dying to get their hands dirty killing evil creatures from Diablo 3, some of us want that, and want also some heavy fine scrolling shooting.

Released a couple of months ago Sine Mora is one of the best shooters we’ve seen in a while combining a bullet orgy and a traditional game structure with some amazing visuals and game dinamics that can only be enjoyed in a home TV screen. Sorry iPad & Android lovers, this is no game for you.

The Hungarian studio Digital reality allow you to take control of a time traveling ship to fly the skies of all steampunk imagined worlds to battle humanoid creatures and their gigantic mech monsters.

Sine Mora screenshot
Sine Mora screenshot

You’ll have no health-bar but a timer instead, your sky race is against the clock guiding your group of partisans against serial-killer Ronotra Koss who’s willing to commit genocide.

A scrolling shooter for Xbox owners (available through Live Arcade) made in Europe with Japanese love from sound designer Akira Yamaoka and all the Hungarian toughness you can ask for. More this way.

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