Digital Infrastructure and the Organisation of Space

Lunch Bytes London #2 @ ICA, May 17

14 May 2014

Lunch Bytes is hosting a second London event for its European edition discussion series, Structures and Textures: Digital Infrastructures and the Organisation of Space at the Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) on May 17, 2pm-4pm.

Following up on the recent Medium: Format at the space in March, Professors Wendy Chun and Boris Groys, as well as London-based artists Paul Kneale and Hannah Sawtell will examine how the invisible infrastructures of the digital world “compose and condition the platforms, devices and applications we use daily”, modifying our perception and engagement with information. 

Others earlier topics across Europe included Medium: Photography in Amsterdam and Structure and Textures: Data in Dublin.

See the Lunch Bytes event page for details. **

Header image: From monet’s garden, zuckerberg’s firewall by Paul Kneale. Image courtesy ANDOR Gallery. 

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