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ABNORMCORE @ Room East, July 3 – Aug 2

2 July 2014

The ABNORMCORE exhibition is taking place in New York City’s Room East from July 3 to August 2.

The lyrical and abstract press release provided for the exhibition does little else than illuminate the imagination, with an instruction-like list of the K-hole coined term-cum-meme ‘normcore’-like demands.

With lines like “WEAR JEANS” and “FIND CHILDREN DELIGHTFUL” and “BE A LITTLE BIT DEPRESSED”, ABNORMCORE pokes fun at the straightjacket of normativity become apparent fashion statement and the aspiring that fall into it like sheep.

The exhibition features the works of seven diverse artists, including those of Darja Bajagić, the drawings of Chris Domenick, minimal works by Carl Andre, installation-like pieces of Joe Graham-Felsen and Lisa Williamson, pieces by Sebastian Lloyd Rees, and even a furniture design by none other than David Lynch.

See the Room East exhibition site for details. **

"Copper Galaxy" by Carl Andre. Image courtesy artist.
“Copper Galaxy” by Carl Andre. Image courtesy artist.
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Club Silencio

5 September 2011

Le Tryptique suffered a major redesign back in 2008 when the Banger friends decided to make the black basement their new house, a social house. Loads of trashy nights and sound bombs have passed by the rather small (and always packed) central Parisian venue, sometimes clouding the rest of the night offer. The Rex suddenly stopped being the French electro cathedral and other well-known venues (Golden arrows, under the bridge catacombs…) had to re-adapt and fight back.

a needed redesign?

That electro pole just went under a major redesign; and guess by who…. Mr David Lynch himself! Apparently recreating his Club Silencio in “Mulholland Drive.” Although the redesign itself has been carried out by well-known French artist Raphael Navot, we shall ask ourselves… what has Lynch’s contribution been to the overall atmosphere? He’s believed to have created the 1950s-inspired furniture but has he managed to weirdofactory in such tiny club?

Now why would the owners of the venue want to change an already-classic electro hub in Paris into the city’s first private member’s club?

Redesigning the Rue de Montmartre club could be anyone’s ambition, a place where “Molière is supposed to have been buried and Emile Zola printed “J’Accuse” in the basement; even the well known socialist Jean Jaurès was  assassinated in the cafe across the road trying to stop the first world war”.

Silencio's owner Arnaud Frisch and designer Raphael Navot

The Social Club will be “Silencio” at the same time with a membership that goes from €780 a year (regular), €1,500 (premium) and €420 for the under-30s and non-French residents…. But it will still be an ordinary club after midnight… without bands, but with DJs… and the trendy Parisian youth of course.

More photos on the club redesign can be found on this facebook page.

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