David Goodman

William Corwin @ Geary Contemporary, Jul 21 – Aug 12

19 July 2016

William Corwin is presenting solo exhibition Champollion at New York’s Geary Contemporary, opening July 21 and running to August 12.

Curated by David Goodman, the show is named after ‘Father of Egyptology’ Jean-Francois Champollion —the first to decipher Egyptian hieroglyphs —and will feature a new body of sculptural work by New York-based artist-curator. Made of leather, plaster and resin, Corwin approaches these pieces as a similarly “pictographic/ideographic and phonetic form of communication that the sculptor sees as a model for the construction of his own objects as both images and texts.”

The accompanying text to the exhibition includes interviews conducted by the artist with archaeologists Colin Renfrew, Jill Cook and Yonas Beyene on the origins of symbolism, drawing and form, while defining objects  “by means of collection, not unlike the collection and aggregations of symbols we use in order to communicate with our thumbs via iPhone”.

See the FB event page for details.**

William Corwin, Champollion (2016) @ Geary Contemporary, New York.
William Corwin, Champollion (2016) @ Geary Contemporary, New York.
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