Coven Berlin

Meatspace @ Coven Berlin, Nov 12 – 13

11 November 2016

Coven Berlin is presenting Meatspace at Berlin’s The Impossible Project Laboratory on November 12 and November 13.

The two-day event brings together visual art, performance and talks that focus on the “the physical realities of the body”. Coven Berlin, a transdisciplinary and gender-bending collective, created the event to explore the flesh and blood of identity, and to provide a “queer feminist artistic approach to the visibility”.

The first day will kick off with some artworks by Tabita Rezaire and A. Liparoto, performances by Xenia Taniko DwertmannEsther Nelke, Frances Breden and a ‘Read What You Want’ programme featuring Jessica Polar, Claude Eigan, Naomi Bisley and Zoe Claire Miller. Later into the evening there will be a movement/performance by a group of “scientists, witches and dancers”, as well as a tattoo session by Girls That Poke. There will also be a sound performance by Red Monky and a late-night DJ set by Polar. 

The following day will have several workshops, including a Body Painting Workshop and ‘Pixels: Collage’ Workshop. There will be a Women In Exile talk presented by Solange, and an open discussion ‘Screens of Surveillance’ hosted by Read What You Want. 

The event will come to a close with an interactive performance by multimedia artist, sex worker and pleasure activist Sadie Lune and performance Chew, Suck, Swallow, F*ck, Die’ by Zinzi Buchanan, Winnie Ho (Superhova), and Thomas Anthony Owen.

See the Coven Berlin website for details.**

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