“Smaller than its name suggested…” Holly White presents Orange World at Barcelona’s Cordova, Dec 1 – Jan 6

29 November 2017

Holly White presents solo exhibition Orange World at Barcelona’s Cordova gallery opening December 1 and running to January 6.

The press release leaves little to be revealed, but includes a piece of text that looks like a fragment from a larger narrative, “We could see the orange dome in the near distance, smaller than its name suggested…”

The London-based artist works across a number of platforms including video, performance, installation and sculpture. Collections and fragments of the personal cumulate, and explore the space of memory that re-imagines both past and present.

Visit the Cordova website for details.**



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A scientist, a time-traveler + a person enter an art space: Mathis Gasser dismantles the nation state in WORLD GUARDS at Cordova

12 October 2017

Mathis Gasser presented solo exhibition WORLD GUARDS at Barcelona’s Cordova Gallery, which ran September 9 to October 6. 

Mathis Gasser WORLD GUARDS (2017) Performance view. Courtesy the artist + Cordova, Barcelona.

The new series, which will continue to develop, takes its title from Passport to Freedom (1992); a book by Garry Davis and Greg Guma, exploring global warfare through a disillusioned lens and attempts to “dismantle the nation-state in its current form.”

The exhibition included an installation and performance informed by “current geo-political conflict, environmental disaster, fantasy, film, and science fiction,” which orchestrated a narrative between three characters and their relationship to the sculptural elements around the space: a scientist, a time-traveler, a ‘human’ wearing a United Nations-like t-shirt.**

Mathis Gasser’s WORLD GUARDS solo exhibition was on at Barcelona’s Cordova Gallery, running September 9 to October 6, 2017.

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