Prix HCB 2013 open for submissions

17 February 2013

Each two years th given to a confirmed photographer who has had the opportunity to develop a significant piece in the documentary field.

Batumi, Georgie, 2006   © Vanessa Winship - Vu’ (winner of 2011 Prix HCB)
Batumi, Georgie, 2006 © Vanessa Winship – Vu’ (winner of 2011 Prix HCB)

The submissions period is about to open in a couple of week s (1st March and open until April 15th) and although pretty much every photographer is welcome, you’ll have to be sponsored / “presented” by an institution (gallery, museum, editors, magazines…).

The cash prize is meant to be used by the winner to develop a photographic report that he/she wouldn’t have had the possibility to do otherwise but before thinking about any prizes… you’ll have to wait until late June when the winner will be announced. After that… the winner will not only be given the possibility to develop a new documentary photographic series but also to exhibit @ Fondation HCB and have a published catalogue.

Travellers from Kwandebele buying their weekly tickets at the bus depot in marabastad pretoria February 1984 (David Goldblatt winner of 2009 HCB Award)
Travellers from Kwandebele buying their weekly tickets at the bus depot in marabastad pretoria February 1984 (David Goldblatt winner of 2009 HCB Award)

Loads of goodies as you can see. More information and the whole dossier with submission conditions this way.

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Jeune Création 2013 Open Call

26 December 2012

After the 2012 Jeune Création the oldie but always important JC French association are already preparing next year’s edition, that’s why they’ve just opened the submissions period for Jeune Création 2013!

Gabriel Jones - Untitled 11 - Arcadefire (image via Gabriel Jones)
Gabriel Jones, one of last year’s participants – Untitled 11 – Arcadefire (image via Gabriel Jones)

Open to all French but also international artists (of up to 45 y.o.) JC are willing to make a new selection of up to 60 artists who shall be exhibiting next November @ the North-Parisian cultural venue Le 104. Pretty much any artistic form is welcome, any medium & format underlining the experimental, reflexive and “alive” dimensions this contest tends to host. Emerging new practices and artists (much like last year) will delight next year’s visitors, but until then… artists are invited to submit their works before March 2013. Sign-up process & more info this way (you’ll have to register to get the necessary info).

Enrique Ramirez - Randonneur (2011 - Image via Le 104)
Enrique Ramirez – Randonneur (2011 – Image via Le 104)
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PIARS opens first edition

9 December 2012

New sound art contest from the Italian lands of Rome which opened its doors for applicants just a few days ago in what they’re calling PIARS (Premio Internazionale Arti Sonore, aka Int. Sonic Arts Award).

PIARS awards
PIARS awards

A few Italian cultural associations (SoundEX and moorroom amongst a few others) are collaborating together in this award aimed at the production and promotion of sonic arts at an international level.

A first edition structured in 4 main categories each giving the possibility to earn a 500€ cash prize and in addition there will be a LABEL PRIZE: the FRATTO9 record company will select one artist from the shortlist to release a CD on their label. So what about those 4 categories?

Starting with “Sound Art” (for sonic installation pieces, including multi-channel work, followed by “Experimental Music” (pieces that must not exceed a maximum duration of 10 min and includes works of all kind of sonic research including improvisation on acoustic instruments, electronic instruments, live electronics and computers. Then we have  “Acousmatic Music” (for sound compositions in digital form or on magnetic tape which have been composed in the studio and played through speakers without the intervention of live musicians. And finally what they’re calling “Soundscapes” (for compositions which use sound recordings created through the editing, mixing and processing of the environmental sound source).

Submissions are open until January 31st and winners will be announced next May, and while having a registration fee (int his case 25€) could be an obstacle especially for young artists, this kind of contests are always welcome. More information on their webpage and facebook page.

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Ether 2012 Contest

30 September 2012

With such exciting line-up as Ether 2012 has, we thought,…. right, there must be something we can do to make our readers enjoy the festival a little bit more… and so we did.

Throughout the next few days we’re going to give you the possibility to win a double ticket to see one of the following artists playing live @ London’s most famous cross-arts festival :

Tyondai Braxton, who will be performing Central Market with London Sinfonietta


 Anna Meredith who’ll be performing her eclectic electronic music with her band Horsebox


John Cale who returns to the Royal Festival Hall 2 years after performing his Paris 1919


Michael Gordon & Bill Morrison who will be premiering their “decaying” collaboration Decasia

To win a ticket all you need to do is answer correctly the questions we’ll be putting on this page over the coming days. But because we’re extremely nice (much like the pipol @ BangonPR who are making this possible) you can already have a look at the first 2 questions….

Note: Please e-mail your answers to // Only one winner per double-ticket & event will be allowed // Winners will be notified via e-mail and their names will be published on this page //  For any questions  or doubts let us know on 

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Bosch Art Game

20 September 2012

Here’s one of those contests that actually make sense…. taking an old classic and making some entertaining and didactic product… or a completely twisted and rather surreal game from the underworld… I bet Jheronimus Bosch would have preferred the latter.

And his foundation thinks the same, that’s why with the support of the EU and many local partners (who have nothing to do with the gaming world but… have enough money to invest in these kind of initiatives) just recently launched the “Bosch Art Game” contest. The rules & conditions are very simple… “Invent an original, artistic game, inspired by the paintings of Jheronimus Bosch reliving his work in a new way” ….. and win 2500€ for the full-game development.

Doesn’t sound that bad after all. This is how it works.. you propose a pitch before the end of December to the Bosch 500 foundation and if you get selected then you enter the second round of the competition next year where you would have to develop a game prototype from Feb to July… and if you win … then you’ll get the €€ and exposure.

The garden of early delights… Bosch’s most famous painting today owned by the Prado museum

There are no specifications or rules regarding the platform or channels to use… so we’re even imagining interactive games, platforms or even public spaces could be considered by all of you (this is something one of the Jury members would particularly like) .

A rather original initiative (we hope to see many more like this coming from other European art museums…) that has so much potential given the complexity, divine, human and supernatural dimensions this work concentrates. Sexuality, temptations, hybrid aberrations, biblical and inexistent creatures … the choice is yours, and we expect to see some good gaming. More info on the contest page.

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Culture Cloud Final 40

24 July 2012

Culture Cloud launched last march as a new online competition for UK-based artist willing to compete for the £2000 cash prize and the promise to have their work being exhibited @ London’s New Art Exchange gallery. After a first public voting period begun to reduce that initial list of 101 works down to 40… and now the 2nd and last voting period is about to begin… this Thursday!

Roshana Rubin-Mayhew - I, Sonia Hughes © Roshana Rubin-Mayhew
one of the finalists… Roshana Rubin-Mayhew – I, Sonia Hughes © Roshana Rubin-Mayhew

At the same time NA will be showcasing those finalists @ their Nottingham gallery starting this Friday for all of us to better appreciate the potential winner.

Lisa O'Donnell - Behind the Line 1 © Lisa O'Donnell
one another finalist… Lisa O’Donnell – Behind the Line 1 © Lisa O’Donnell

And once this second voting period closes two winners will be announced… an audiences choice and the curators choice (so we get the objective and the even more objective choices and this way no-one can complain about cheating). The whole project has been supported by the Arts Council England, NESTA and the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) and will hopefully get a 2nd edition next year.

Faiza Butt - Tales of whopped fantasies-4 © Faiza Butt
and another one… Faiza Butt – Tales of whopped fantasies-4 © Faiza Butt

But before the new edition re-opens for submissions next year… it’s your duty to vote as many times as the dedicated page allows you to… and that is through Artfinder’s dedicated page where you can scroll through the 40 finalists and make up your mind. Definitely worth checking out, more info on the Culture Cloud page.

Jason Wilsher-Mills - Some Kind of Ugly Beauty © Jason Wilsher-Mills
and our also favorite… Jason Wilsher-Mills – Some Kind of Ugly Beauty © Jason Wilsher-Mills
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Another year, another Vimeo vote

24 April 2012

Barely a month and a half for this second edition of the American creative video platform awards to take place… and barely6 days left before the voting period is over. It started a week ago… but we thought a little reminder would be most welcome.

As you probably know this year’s event will run from June 7th-9th at  Vimeo’s headquarters underneath the High Line on New York’s West Side, but right before they take place it’s always a treat to discover this year’s finalists. Our votes may, or may not influence the final result as we don’t know to how they “will be mixed with the judges decisions”, all we know is that you can vote once a day each category (as a registered user of course), but other than that….

Still, it’s always worth spending 5min or 2 hours of your time to discover the best of those 13 categories that opt to a $25K grand prize and many many little $5K mini-prizes, well, $5000 isn’t that bad for a category prize right?

They’re all available this way, and yes, even if you can only vote once a day… you can stream them unlimited times!

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RB Music Academy 2012

11 February 2012

And from Madrid back to NY. 10 years after visiting pretty much every continent the Red Bull Music academy flies back to New York for some of the finest workshops, talks & events in the musical planet (along with the academy itself for those few fortunates who will learn during 3 days and won’t stop practicing, learning and having fun).

 a typical day at the Academy
a typical day at the Academy

While there’s still  more than 7 months until the 14th edition of the academy takes place submissions just opened last week for another 60 lucky people to learn, absorb and join the “select club” that year after year discovers new talents from amazingly varied backgrounds.

You should know that besides being over 21, you’ll be competing with several thousands of people (last year over 8K people applied…), but this shouldn’t be a drawback, real music passionates have made it through… and as the academy puts it “you don’t have to know how to disassemble an SP-1200 using only a dime and a toothpick”, just love your freaky sounds.

Submissions are open, all you need is to download & complete their application form and send it before April 2nd with a sample CD of your best rubbish, who knows… you maybe a lucky participant this fall. Good Luck!

Red Bull Music Academy

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