The stars in his head

1 May 2011

For a man like Mr Stetson & the record company behind his critically acclaimed “New History… “ it could have been easier to hire an animator (not even hire, just ask politely any Calarts student for free) and ask for an edgy stop-motion clip with a mix of vintage footage & organic elements with a constant but evolutionary loop.

Nah, instead, Stetson & the pipol @ Constellation thought that a live performance of “The Stars in his head” at 3am in sub-zero temperatures in a Montreal underpass next to their headquarters was a way better idea. A survival test performed live. No loopers or pre-recorded tracks or post-production funny business. All sounds made by Colin Stetson in real-time with that circular breathing technique we all wish to learn someday. Valvework, vocalisations through the reed.

And another gift from our friend Vincent Moon (behind La Blogoteque)…. enjoy!

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Claire Denis Film Scores

30 April 2011

Claire Denis and her sometimes provocative, many times too-static and contemplative films have  usually relied on the obtuse and dense melodies by the Tindersticks. Gentle orchestrations that translate into six titles: “Nénette Et Boni”, “Trouble Every Day”, “Vendredi Soir”, “L’Intrus”, “35 Rhums” and her latest film with Isabelle Huppert… “White Material”.

Constellation records have now put together all those collaborations in a luxury box “Claire Denis Film Scores 1996-2009” which includes a 60-page booklet featuring stills and liner notes.

It’s true that for most of us, fans of the Nottingham band, their works with the French director have mainly remained secondary, never paying attention to a group of purely instrumental material that made their romantic atmospheres filled with literary lyrics fade away in Denis’ films.

Ambient scores that take away all the Tinderstick’s mumbling vocals and pop melodrama but that are always, always a pleasure to listen to. Maybe you should give them a go.

The compilation is now available for pre-order on their webpage for 55$ (or £74.99 here in the UK… not quite the currency change we were expecting….).

TINDERSTICKS – Claire Denis Film Scores BOX SET PREVIEW by Constellation Records

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